Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Two years on......

Two years on, we are still surrounded by much devastation, as buildings are demolished in preparation for a major rebuild. As a result of this life shattering experience, communities, neighbourhoods and individuals have come together to make things happen. Mural Madness is one of these community initiatives. All it took was one collaborative mural on a wall - and the idea evolved.

This mural started as a seascape by Lyn Taylor and Jim Hobby, as a result of Renew Brighton  organising a community day to "fill the gap" where a building had been demolished in the mall. A few weeks later, Richard "Popx Art" Baker (and friends) added a frame of hearts to create the word LOVE. This wonderful collaboration has become known as the Love Mural, and was, in my mind, the inception of Mural Madness. It now offers a colourful back drop to market days.

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